Foreign Investors eye Bali Luxury Villas for Investments and holiday homes

Foreign Investors eye Bali Luxury Villas for Investments and holiday homes

Bali is the most beautiful island in the whole continent of Asia, notwithstanding the islands in Turkey. Millions of tourists visit Bali every year, which shows that it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia. Indonesia is a very hospitable country and the friendly people in Indonesia are one of the biggest reasons behind people going there.

In July of 2016, the government of Indonesia launched its tax Amnesty Program. As a part of that program, there
were a few investment instruments into which people moving their money back to Indonesia could invest. One of the investment instruments provided by the government of Indonesia was Real Estate. The Tax Amnesty Program was a great success and ended in April of 2017. During that period, the Real Estate prices in Indonesia saw a major growth. Most of the people who moved their money back to Indonesia, invested in Real Estate.

The best place to buy Real Estate in Indonesia is Bali, for obvious reasons. It is the tourism capital of the country and has a lot of potential when it comes to Real Estate. With the increase in demand, a large number of new investment opportunities started to present themselves. Apart from the investments from the locals, a lot of foreign investors started to eye Bali villas for investment and holiday homes. With the ever increasing number of tourists, investing in Bali luxury villas
seemed to be a smart choice.

It has been over a year since the end of the Tax Amnesty Program, but the Real Estate market in Bali is still hot. The high prices have not deterred the foreign investors eyeing Bali villas for investment and holiday homes. It is not that the Bali luxury villas were not up to the mark a few years ago, it is just that the incentive provided by the government acted as a precursor to the great increase in demand.

Regardless of the investments, Bali luxury villas are filled with all the amenities one can think of. The news that
there are foreign investors eyeing Bali villas and holiday homes, did not shock anyone because people were always fond of the Bali luxury villas. It was never easy to book Bali luxury villas and holiday homes because of the large number of tourists. In the case of Bali luxury villas, it is a very lucrative investment. If you are doing anything related to hospitality in Bali, you are in ownership of a cash cow.

No one foresaw the overwhelming increase in demand for the Bali luxury villas but this is what is happening. And the way with which foreign investors are eyeing Bali villas, the future for Real Estate development in Bali looks really bright. The Bali luxury villas had always been popular among tourists and when the opportunity presented itself people took advantage of it. As a result of a large number of foreign investors eyeing Bali villas, the indigenous people have also prospered because it has created more business opportunities and people are trying to offer even better hospitality than before.

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