Chinese Property Investors Aim for Thailand

Chinese Property Investors Aim for Thailand as their Second Home


Chinese Property Investors Aim for Thailand to Be Their Second Home As Well As For Investments

Real estate business will always need a sober mind and wise judgment for you to make significant and excellent progress and profits. That is what Chinese property investors use to make advancements. Their interests are now shifted to properties located in Thailand. They are purchasing properties to be their second homes as well as for investment opportunities. This is a smart move that takes advantage of certain restrictions by capital controls.

The Old Interests versus the New

According to a survey by DBS, Chinese investors are not slowing down with their activities. At least not any time soon with their new passion
for Thailand among other countries. Previously, there was an excellent preference for the gateway cities by these investors.The cities are top-rated and full of opportunities. However, the rising competition was not conducive.

From their old preferences, the investors are drawing their attention to Southeast Asia and going for Thailand among other places. In 2016, Thailand was not performing well when it came to the top countries that these investors preferred. However, by 2017, it ranked at position three of the top nations that these investors prefer. Other than Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia also became famous. Southeast Asia is becoming a focal point for these investors.

Trigger for the change

Three main factor trigger any property investor in Thailand from China. These are capital controls, Belt and Road Initiative, and low property prices. Capital controls heavily monitored the Chinese buyer’s expenditures. Therefore, the next move was to go for lower priced properties. They identified inexpensive countries and also those that have inexpensive properties regardless of their cost of living. Other than the prices, the Belt and Road Initiative plays a vital role in the change of preference. It is like a go-ahead blessing from the government that makes everything easier and better.

EEC and Tourism in Thailand

The Eastern Economic Corridor Project that is in Thailand as well as the developed tourism industry are also critical players for increased investors. More ownership of Thailand property by Chinese people will be witnessed as they strive to buy homes there. Thailand ranks at position three among the most famous countries among mainland investors who aim to acquire properties abroad.

What about Vietnam?

For so many years, Vietnam was not in the mind of these buyers. However, in 2017, things took a turn, and it ranked at position nine of the top 15 countries that are popular among Chinese buyers. Vietnam laws that govern foreign ownership are very flexible and accommodative. This contributed to it coming into the spotlight.

Investors Interest of Thailand

Malaysia is proving to have excellent policies that govern their visa acquisition and their education. This is the reason why many Chinese buyers are those that want to live here or to work and retire here. For investors that want to develop properties here, they are proving to be increasing every year.

Chinese investors still stay focused on Thailand with increasing interest in Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philipines, among others. Whether they are looking for second homes or are interested in real estate development in these countries, their influence and interest can be expected to increase as the years enhance.

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