Expat Job Opportunities in Bangkok

expat job opportunity in Bangkok

Expat Job Opportunities in Bangkok has a very big influence on local markets. The majority of economic activities in Thailand are funded by the government. Expats searching for job opportunities in Bangkok should best look for a job in the financial service, and banking and trade sectors. Bangkok’s industrial sector is very strong and includes manufacture of electronics, chemical and mechanical engineering, medical and automotive industries. Another important industry in Bangkok is mining, such as drilling for gas, coal, gold, and oil and it is also one of excellent job opportunities in Bangkok for expats. The insurance sector is also very influential. However, private insurance companies are not permitted to operate in Indonesia. Therefore it is very difficult for expats to find jobs in that sector, as it is publicly managed and gives priority to local employees.

Due to complicated visa regulations, expats should have a lot of patience during the process of getting a work permit in Indonesia. One of interesting job opportunities in Bangkok is teaching English because there is a high demand for this profession.

Expat Job Opportunities in Bangkok

If you don’t know where to start from it is probably a good decision to contact your country’s Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok which offers a membership directory. You can also apply for a newsletter or online career exchange.


expat bangkok jobs

Expats in Bangkok

If you are not physically present there, it may be difficult to stumble upon good job opportunities in Bangkok that will eventually lead to an interview. Employers in Bangkok like their candidates to be close by so they can talk to them in person and get to know them. When looking for job opportunities in Bangkok, it is important to be realistic and be aware of the fact that the unemployment rate is already high.

Expat Job Opportunities in Bangkok

Thailand is not truly open to expatriates. However, if you get lucky by landing a job, you should know that the company willing to hire you has to acquire a work permit for the expatriate. Obtaining the work permission can take a lot of time. According to the government policy, foreigners who work in Indonesia have to be “experts” in a certain field. An expert in Indonesia is considered a person that has been working from 5 to 10 years in the particular field. The only exceptions are English teachers who are native speakers because they do not have to have the required experience. After obtaining the working permit, the company then applies for a semi residence visa for the new employee.

All in all, it may be difficult for an expat to find their place under the sun when it comes to job opportunities in Bangkok, but with a little luck, persistence, and good qualifications a lot is possible in this booming economy.



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