Best Location to Rent or Buy Apartment in Bangkok

Best Location to Rent or Buy Apartment in Bangkok: An Informative Property Guide

Planning to move to Bangkok for good? If you’re an expat, who would like to stay in Bangkok for life, buying an apartment in the city will be the best decision to make. However, if you are only staying in the city for temporary like 2 or 3 years, for example, renting an apartment will prove to be more practical.

If you’re new to the place, equipping yourself with an informative property guide is perfect. That way, you can never go wrong in choosing the right apartment for you that best fit your preference and budget. Usually, apartments and houses in Bangkok can be expensive, but if you know where to find the best deals, you can surely save much from your budget.

Among property guide experts, the best location to either buy or rent an apartment in Bangkok is the city’s southern location. Sukhumvit is the city’s most progressive region, and it offers perfect residential options with a touch of great business districts making it an ideal location to stay either for good or on a temporary basis.

There are many places in Sukhumvit that you can choose from should you want to buy or rent residential apartment. As your property guide, it is noted that upper Sukhumvit can be your viable option being it a widely known area for beautiful residences. You can find various things in Sukhumvit that would fill your stay with meaningful experience ranging from spectacular gardens down to large establishments and shopping malls.

If you find living amidst high-rising building is better for you, you can consider buying or renting an apartment at Sudirman. As other property guide states, Sathorn resembles the ambiance and image of the famous Wall Street. It houses various business, hotels, high-rise condominiums, spectacular penthouses, all of which exude prestige and luxury. If you’re willing to pay quite a penny, Sathorn can be your most fitting choice.

However, should you prefer a quiet neighborhood just proximate to the bustling city center; KebayoranBaru is the place for you as suggested by various property guide and directories. Being a residential hub for the affluent people in Bangkok, there is no better option than buying or renting an apartment in this beautifully serene place.

In addition, if you’re looking for residential homes, which have extra-large spaces outside, outskirts of Sukhumvit is the ideal location you would have to choose. Most of the expatriates prefer this place because of its great suburban atmosphere and not too isolated from the city center. Just a reminder when buying a renting an apartment in Bangkok, you might as well hire a reliable property guide and legal counsel to aid you in the entire process for your convenience.

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