What attracts foreign investors to Thai property markets

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Thai property markets

Real estate and  Thai Property has been and still remains one of the most promising sectors for foreign investors in Thailand. This is basically from simple reasons – the climate, exotic culture, nature, and the kind and tolerant locals make Thailand an appealing destination for tourists. In 2016, Thailand was among the Top 10 most visited countries in the world, with Bangkok recording over 21 million tourists, the highest in the world.

This has created a boom in the housing and construction sectors, attracting a lot of foreign investors and buyers. Some buy retirement villas and condos, others buy vacation homes, and some invest for rental income.

Thailand is seen as a country where eastern and western economies merge with apparent fluidity that creates prospects for the country becoming genuinely developed in the near future. This is mainly why investors are interested in new and largely untapped destinations like Thailand.

Thai Property Investment

Thailand now attracts great swathes on investors from foreign countries, thanks to the following:

  1. Property prices are much lower in Thailand,
  2. Rental potential is huge because of increased spending by the government luring growing tourist numbers,
  3. There’s no capital gains taxation for private investors, and they get low recurrent taxes,
  4. The waving of the Stamp Duty and property transfer fees are regarded as foreign buyer enticements,
  5. Retirement visas are available to foreigners of over 50 years of age,
  6. Thailand is the largest growing market in Asia. More businesses are choosing Thailand as the regional base, and
  7. Thailand recently has attracted great foreign investment. It has become an Asian economic leader, and is also one of the region’s fastest-growing economies.

The country welcomes the contrast of both socialism and capitalism which makes the country a unique romantic zone for both forms of economy to meet and for new transitions and experiences to occur. Chinese investors who look to embrace capitalism feel good about investing in a country that is regarded as neutral by most.

Another strongly connected country to Thailand, the United States, has many investors keen on making the most of the potential gains in Thailand’s property market. US citizens have been granted legal privileges like the Amity Agreement, they are able to own higher percentages of equity shares and utmost uniquely, they can own freehold property in Thailand.

Australians and Western Europeans view the country as a great retirement place to enjoy the social aspects offered – some opportunities that might not be available in their own countries.

Overall, Thailand has grown strongly over several years. Its economy has blossomed, real estate properties are of higher quality and in spite of the several coups, and the country has remained stable constantly.

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